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The Fable of the Stray Fox
The Fable of the Stray Fox
Just like people the animals hold their own societies, but whilst we elect to live in houses within or outside of cities the animals choose to remain outside all together. Take the fox, perhaps the most cunning and certainly among the dangerous of all animals to roam the woods. The foxes reigned proud in the centre of the woods, kings and queens among the animals there, feared and respected by all who wasn't a fox.
However like the societies of man, the foxes were capable of being unjust and cruel. In the coven of the foxes was born a youngling, he wasn't a runt nor was he a high ranking male but yet he was spurned by all whom was a fox. He wasn't sure why, he didn't feel too different from all the others. He walked like they did and acted like they did yet no matter what his endeavours it only got him shame from his parents and hatred from the coven. So the young fox grew to be alone.
The years and the foxes were unkind to the young fox, he learned to
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Part I
Etymology: The study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time.
“Say that word again and I’ll wash out your mouth with soap!”

One of the most important lessons that Naruto had learned so far in his short, young life was that his mother’s threats of punishment weren’t empty.  When she said that she’d spank him if he sprayed her flowerbeds with the weed killer that killed anything green, she would spank him.  When she promised to ground him if he lied about stealing the cookies, she would ground him.  And when she informed him that his mouth would be washed out with soap if he repeated any naughty words, she would wash his mouth out with soap.
But it wasn’t fair!
Adults said naughty words all the time without having to worry about gargling soap.  It was a sign of adult-ness to say the restricted words.  And it was a sig
:iconmolliemon:Molliemon 16 23
Reptile Scale Brushes by MentalFloss Reptile Scale Brushes :iconmentalfloss:MentalFloss 537 172 Dragon Wing Guide by katxicon Dragon Wing Guide :iconkatxicon:katxicon 125 27 f i r s t   e n c o u n t e r by Jeneko f i r s t e n c o u n t e r :iconjeneko:Jeneko 2,562 299 AuRon by CrazyCrocuta AuRon :iconcrazycrocuta:CrazyCrocuta 59 43



I am doing fine over here. EMS is awesome to be in and the people are great! I am about to start EMT-B training in a few days. I'm also enrolled in college! Hoping to transfer in 2-3 years. Hmmm... What else?


I am thinking of making some as a way to get a premium membership or some swag.

What kind of critters would ya'll like to see? I can see about making a species up around almost any animal, but I gotta have ideas. They won't be too much in way of points so simple ones only please!
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Stalker from the shadows >:D
United States
Current Residence: North Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Personal Quote: A gun in the hand is better than a Cop on the phone.



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